Residential Gutters

Gutters play a key role in protecting residential premises from certain elements. First, gutters gather rainwater and snow from the roof and divert it to a commonplace where these elements can’t cause harm especially to your foundation and siding. Since residential gutters are essential components that help homeowners to maintain their home integrity, it’s therefore, important to choose the best gutter types in the market. Below is a list of the common residential gutters you can get:

1. Aluminum gutters

These types of gutters are cost-effective. Some of their features include rust resistance and lightweight meaning that they are easy to install. Aluminum gutters are also weather-resistant meaning that they stay strong even in areas with extreme weather conditions. They also hold paint well, although some are usually made in seamless models. Most homeowners and even gutter contractors like these gutters. The majority of the gutter contractors also advise homeowners to use aluminum gutters over other types. 

2. Stainless steel residential gutter

They are among the best gutters in the market. Stainless steel gutters maintain their shiny appearance for a long, they are rust-resistant and are very strong compared to all other types of gutters. Although they have high prices, it’s worth the investment since you won’t be required to remove them from time to time or repair them like in other gutter types.

3. Copper and steel residential gutter

There are different kinds of both copper and steel gutters. The most popular types are the galvanized steel gutters which are cost-effective and sturdy compared to aluminum gutters. These gutters are resistant to damage, especially, as a result of falling ladders and even branches. When properly taken care of, steel gutters can last longer.

4. Vinyl residential gutter

These types of gutters have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to some reasons including rust and corrosion resistance, ease of installation, and their cheap prices. They are also lightweight meaning that handling them is easy during their installation. Vinyl gutters have also been widely used in places with mild climates and have been seen to serve well just like other gutters from different materials. They require proper installation to avoid cracking since they become brittle over time and especially in extremely cold areas. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing the vinyl gutters.

Benefits of residential gutters

Commonly, every year there’s a rainy season. Gutters play a significant role during these times. For proper gutter installation, you should hire the services of a professional residential gutter contractor. Below are some top benefits of installing residential gutters in your home:

a. Prevents mold growth

Whenever there’s a lot of moisture accumulation on your house exterior, then the growth of molds would be easily favored. Water leaks into the walls will cause mold growth which is damaging and difficult to remove. Having properly installed residential gutters will assist in reducing water that seeps into your house exteriors and thereby reducing the chances of mold growth.

b. Prevents weakening of house foundation

Residential gutters play a key role in preventing the weakening of your house foundation. These gutters will direct rainwater to a common place where it can’t cause any harm. Lack of gutters means that water will accumulate around your house and thus weaken your foundation, which can be very dangerous to the well-being of those living in the house.

c. Deter insects

In most cases, home pests such as mosquitoes are usually attracted and breed to areas that are damp or have standing water. Therefore, homes without gutters to send rainwater away could easily favor the breeding of these home pests which are very annoying and can spread diseases. Additionally, others like termites would even start eating the exterior of your home up to the roof. Proper gutter installation at home will assist in reducing all these.

d. Protecting your yard

During heavy rains, it’s more likely that the water will run through your yard to other areas. Without gutters, this will damage your landscape by eroding soil in your yard and even carrying your grass, flowers, or plants in it. Having residential gutters helps in protecting your yard by directing rainwater to one commonplace.

e. Preventing decay

Gutters help in preventing home decay by regulating how rainwater should go. First, without gutters, your home sidings would start rotting due to water leaks.

These are some of the top benefits of installing gutters on your residential premises. Although some people may want to install the gutters by themselves, it’s not usually advisable. First, gutters are installed at the edges of the roof, meaning that they require a lot of professionalism and skills. You should always look for a professional gutter contractor to perform this task. Some of the reasons why you should hire our professional gutter company are:

– Time-saving

At Olathe Gutter Company, we have trained personnel who will fix your gutter as quickly as possible allowing you to continue doing other things.

– Cost-saving

We know where to source cheap gutters regardless of the material meaning that you’ll end up saving some money. 

– Expertise

We have been in the industry for quite some time and we know all the processes involved in gutter installation, repair, and replacement.

– Warranty

Once we install gutters to your home, we give you a warranty meaning that in case there’s an issue within the timeframe given, we come and fix it at our own cost.

– Possession of the required tools and equipment

Our company is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment required for the completion of the task.

– Safety

Your home will always be safe every time once we install gutters for you.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best residential gutter contractor to install or repair your gutters, then Olathe Gutter Company is the best solution. We offer all gutter services at affordable rates. You can visit our website for more information.